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We have known Connie for over 9 years.  She did the design/planting of all of the trees and shrubs that were part of the construction of our new Paul Home in 2006.  Moving from Pittsburgh, we admired the various palm trees and shrubs that we saw in Florida.  However, we did not not know from a practical sense, which plants are preferable (e.g. Hardiness if temperature drops, lower maintenance “self-cleaning” palm trees, resistance to insects, etc).

Connie is not only quite knowledgeable in regard to all of the aspects of plants that are optimal for our area in Florida, but she is also an excellent designer.  Her arrangements are always quite pleasing to the eye and often receive unsolicited compliments by neighbors and passersby. Add to this her pleasing personality and willingness to work with your input and you have a wonderful combination that is hard to beat.

Connie and her team can also provide a “total care” package that includes weekly lawn maintenance and (if desired) ongoing pruning as required to insure that the original design always looks great.  We have engaged Connie to provide this maintenance, and also to add/replace plants as we have become more familiar with the vast array of plants available in Florida.  Her knowledge and assistance are always just a call or e-mail away.

We would highly recommend Connie to anyone whether they want a total design/install package or ongoing maintenance.

Joe and Elaine Quail


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